The current trending project topics in Nigeria are Endsars project topics, twitter ban project topics, Covid-19 project topics.

Below are well thought out trending project topics and their research materials that needed scholarly output.

  1. Hard Drug Abuse And National Security In Nigeria A Study of Boko Haram
  2. Counter Terrorism Strategies And Nigeria’s Foreign Policy ObjectivesA Study of Boko Haram
  3. A Study Of Public Perception Of The Success Or Failure Achieved In
  4. The Fight Against Boko Haram Terrorism In Nigeria: Evidence From Gombe Metropolis 2015-2019
  5. Abuja Residents Perception Of Armed Forces Radio’s Reportage On Bokoharam Insurgency
  6. Boko Haram Insurgency And Cross Border Terrorism In Nigeria
  7. Impact Of Convid19 On The Performance Of Small And Medium Sized Enterprises In Nigeria
  8. Simulation Of Coronavirus Contact Tracing System
  9. Automated Covid-19 Contact Tracing Using Mobile Application
  10. Automation Of A Secured COVID-19 Pandemic Control With Digital Contact Tracing
  11. Design And Implementation Of Coronavirus Tracking System For Infected Patience
  12. Effect Of Convid-19 On The Academic Performance Of Secondary School Student
  13. Brief History Of How Endsars Campaign Started In Nigeria
  14. The Socio-Economic Implications Of End Sars Protest In The Nigeria Polity
  15. Socio-Economic Status And Its Impact On Protest Participation In Nigeria. A Study Of Endsars Protest
  16. The Impact Of Hashtag Activism In Nigeria: A Study Of #Endsars Campaign
  17. The Effect Of Endsars Protest On Entrepreneurial Business Environment In Nigeria. A Study Of Lagos State
  18. The Effect of Twitter Ban on the Socio-Economic Well-Being of Nigerians
  19. The impact of Twitter Ban on Entrepreneurial SMEs business environment in Nigeria
  20. Boko Haram Insurgency On Educational Development In Nigeria