Under President Mohammedu Buhari’s leadership, Nigeria has suffered a rise in insecurity from 2015 to 2020, a period of six years. Nation-building and national economic development are predicated on national security. This is due to the fact that calm countries draw in global investors, while domestic investors can freely operate the economy with few or […]

knowledge and utilization of partograph in the management of labour among the obstetrics care givers

BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY The partograph is an instrument that can be used for a variety of purposes, including the monitoring of labor (Ogwang, Karyabakabo & Rutebemberwa, 2009:27). The utilization of the partograph is a well-known best practice for quality monitoring of labor and, as a result, the prevention of obstructed and prolonged labor, according […]

Social Media as Tools for Political Mobilisation For 2023 Presidential Election in Nigeria

Background The importance of having access to relevant political information in a democratic system is widely recognized. When correct, easily digestible, and extensive knowledge is readily available, citizens have the ability to devise their own responses to political events and, as a result, participate in the political process. Social media contribute to the formation of […]

M-BANKING: Impact of Mobile Money Adoption and Sustainability of SMEs in Nigeria

Impact of Mobile Money Adoption and Sustainability of SMEs in Nigeria INTRODUCTION Mobile banking has the potential to lower transaction costs, such as those incurred by traveling, which is one of its potential benefits. In the earlier years, consumers in rural regions had to drive to the closest towns in order to get banking services. […]