The Benefits of Implementing a Counseling Management System for the Rationalization of Counseling Services

  Introduction The provision of counseling is an essential component in promoting persons’ mental health and overall well-being. It is possible to considerably improve the delivery of counseling services by putting into action a counseling management system, which is an all-encompassing software solution. This piece on the blog highlights the advantages of such a system, […]

English Linguicism and Language Loss: A Case Study of Yoruba Language Use Among Students of Obafemi Awolowo University and Adeyemi College of Education

Abstract Language plays a crucial role in preserving cultural identity and fostering effective communication within a community. However, the dominance of English as a global language has led to the erosion of indigenous languages in many parts of the world. This essay explores the phenomenon of English linguicism and its impact on the use of […]

The socio-economic impact of student loan act in Nigeria

CHAPTER ONE/INTRODUCTION Student loan programs have been implemented in various countries around the world to address the issue of limited access to higher education due to financial constraints. These programs aim to increase enrollment rates and promote human capital development. By providing financial support for education, student loans can enhance access to higher education and […]