agidi production from maize and almond seed

Agidi production from maize and almond seed


“Agidi” is a thick gel produced from fermented maize paste or flour. It is a popular food product in Nigeria and some West African countries (Otunola et al., 2006; Otunola et al., 2007; Osungbaro et al., 2009). Agidi produced from fermented maize flour is inherently deficient in nutrients, especially lysine and some nutrients are leached out because of the poor processing techniques involved in its traditional production (Adeyemi and Beckly, 1986; Adeniyi and Porter, 1978; Adeyemi et al., 1987). Such deficiencies may result in protein malnutrition among consumers of “agidi” particularly the young children who are fed with the product as weaning food (Onyeka and Dibia, 2002; Plahar et al., 2003).

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