Attitude of parents towards primary education of their children


Attitude of parents towards primary education of their children


The present study was aimed at assessing attitude of parents towards the education and schooling of their children. The study analyzed the data from 150 parents, who had one or more than one school going children. The age range of the sample was 25-35 years, and these respondents all belonged to erode district consisting of huge population. A 30- item questionnaire was used for collecting data along with personal interview. The respondents were required to indicate their agree or disagreement with each of the statements about children’s education in a five-point Likert type scale, where 1 denotes strongly agree 2 denotes agree 3 denotes neutral 4 denotes disagree and 5 denotes strongly disagree. Mean scores were calculated for the male and female respondents. The findings showed that the overall attitude of the respondents was moderately favorable and positive towards schooling and education of their children’s. The study suggested that, although government endeavors at universalizing education has resulted in creating mass awareness and positive response towards schooling and education, there is a lot of scope for improvement in this regard. The study indicates the clear idea about parents attitude towards schooling and education for their children’s Future implications of the present study for policy formulation as well as for further research were pointed out.


This chapter aims to introduce the topic and to indicate the relevance of this study. It includes an overview of revolution of education in India as well as in ERODE DISTRICT. It gives an overall idea about the role of socio-economic status and that of family involvement in children’s education and their access to learning. Parents’ positive attitude towards child’s education is important in determining school attendance and academic achievement of the child. Favorable attitude towards schooling and education enhances parental involvement in children’s present and future studies .Parent’s attitude towards their children’s education is affected adversely by low socio- economic status , it is expected that the attitude of parents will be favorable towards education and schooling. However, the present study aims to examine whether the parents, today, exhibit a positive and favorable attitude towards their children’s education as a result of increasing awareness of values of education through Government Endeavour’s and initiatives