Over the years, it has been analyzed that the process of manual voting has been carried out across almost all cities, states, countries. So implemented, process is not only time consuming but also sometimes inefficient and reliable to use. In this Digital era, we need not maintain manual work. Keeping this idea in our minds, we have proposed an Automated Online Voting system which is implemented as a website. Easy to manage large amount of user and data store in system for long time. Register Vote form anywhere. The project is mainly aimed at providing a most secured and user friendly, reliable online voting system. There is No paper work. Displays voting results in a graphical fashion and also displays result for the administrator to analyze. Prevent voters from voting more than once for their choose candidates. Project ensures to offer an efficient and a user friendly environment to the user

 Proposed system

The proposed system will provide online voters registration forms for students which they will fill and upon registration of their details, they will be allowed to log in and interact with the sytem. The student details will be saved in the student details database. The user will be allowed to create their various passwords which they will use along their school admission number to log into the system. The users will be able to log in as either normal student or delegate or candidate. Delegates details are saved in the delegate database while candidates details are saved in the candidates database.

The proposed system will also provide interaction platforms for both the voters and the candidates where they will interact and discuss matters elections. The candidates shall therefore perform their campaigns and answer the possible questions from the voters on the chat platforms. The candidates will be allowed to pose their various agendas and manifestos and defend them on interrogation of the delegates. Candidates will interact with delegates and respond to their queries accordingly. Students will interact and send messages to delegates for representation of opinions.

The system will be able to perform some sort of tallying before and after voting. The results and statistics on the election will be shown and be updated properly and instantly. The system shall also allow preliminary voting where the delegates are able to vote and results are displayed openly to everyone. The students and delegates will be able to like the various candidates and the most liked candidate will be the most popular. The system will display the results of likes and votes and even percentage of victory. The proposed system will therefore compute the election results for all the posts voted and also compute the most popular candidate and the least popular candidate. The system will also compute reports for the whole election process.

The following are the goals of the proposed system;

  • Only eligible voters are allowed to
  • Every voter shall cast only one vote
  • It must be impossible to change anybody’s vote
  • The complete voting procedure must be so transparent
  • User friendly
  • Robustness; it functions no matter any failure
  • Hacker secure
  • Transparency; users can check the system integrity without any


  • Main Objective

To design, develop and implement an efficient, user friendly, interactive web based student voting system.

 Specific Objectives

  • To develop a system that will capture candidates and voters details
  • To develop a system that will facilitate online voting.
  • To develop a system that will facilitate voters and candidates interactions.
  • To develop a system that will generate reports for the election process.

 Research Questions

The proposed system is based on the following research questions.

  1. How will the proposed system capture candidates and voters details?
  2. How will the proposed system facilitate online voting?
  3. How will the proposed system ensure voters and candidates interact?
  4. How will the proposed system generate reports for the election process?


The success of this research will ensure the scalability of SOVS to be used in other institutions of higher levels and even the secondary schools since the benefits upon successful implementation of the proposed system justifies its system development and deployment. The proposed system will ensure transparency and high integrity in the election process. The system will be user friendly and provide great efficiency in the election process. Its success can also be replicated in other universities.


For the purpose of coming up with a student online voting system, a case study of INEC. The study assumes that voter registration can be completed successfully and the students can have login credentials to log in, interact on the forum, listen to manifestos of the candidates, give election opinions and finally cast a vote. The proposed system will only work on the web platform.

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