Background to the Study

As far as employment is considered, selecting the right candidate for the recruitment process from a vast pool of candidates has been a fundamental issue [1]. Conducting personality and various technical eligibility evaluation tests, interviews, and group discussions have been traditional techniques. Due to inception of social media, much more important information about employees is exposed to their online handles [2]. Generally, such information is unnoticed by the recruiters. Aptitude test followed by the interview is traditional practices for the recruitment process. These traditional practices are very much time-consuming, and may result in unfair choices of candidate. As compared to traditional recruitment process, if an online selection process is conducted, then a fair selection of the candidate is possible. Personality is the most important factor which reflects an individual, which keeps on varying [3]. Tackling them is a tedious task for which we have implemented an approach to identify the personality and also provide with the recommendation

The proposed system is two sided: it would be candidate oriented or organization oriented. In the first case the system would recommend the candidate a list of jobs that better fits his skills. In the second scenario, the recruiter would publish the specifications specification and requirements of available job positions and the candidates can apply for the same by submitting their CVs.

The existing e-recruitment system simply scans the submitted CVs and shortlist the candidates wherein the proposed system conducts an online aptitude test and personality test thereby predicting the personality of the candidate as well as short-listing the candidate based on his skills and decision-making ability.

Statement of the Problem

There is a huge workload on the human resource department to select the right candidate for a particular job profile which in turn would provide experts workforce for the organization from a large pool of candidates. The proposed system will enable a more effective way to short list submitted candidate CVs from a large number of applicants providing a consistent and fair CV ranking policy. This can be legally justified. System will rank the experience and key skills required for a particular job position than system will rank the CV’s based on the experience and other key skills which are required for particular job profile. This system will help the HR department to easily shortlist the candidate based on the CV ranking policy.

Objectives of the Study

The objectives of the project are as stated below:

  1. To develop a system to provide a more effective way of short-listing the
  2. To determine the key skill characteristic by defining each expert’s preferences and ranking
  3. To automate the process of requirement specifications and applicant’s
  4. To conduct online aptitude and personality
  5. To produce ranking decisions that would have relatively higher consistency than those of human
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