Automated Real Time Gesture Recognition System For Advanced Driver Assistance System


Automated Real Time Gesture Recognition System For Advanced Driver Assistance System


The real-time gesture recognition system is developed accordance with the objective of ADAS which is to make cars safer to drive and assist driver in the driving process. The system is aimed to simplify and enhance the interaction between human and computer by implementing the vision-based technique that didn’t requires any complex sensor device in collecting user hand gesture as an input for gesture recognition. It allow people convey their actions or intentions by using natural mid-air hand gesture to interact with the infotainment system function. Eventually, the system will be developed to track and recognize several human static hand gestures by implementing sets of image processing techniques and algorithms that have been developed throughout the system development process. The system process is separated into five stages which include image acquisition, background subtraction, hand segmentation, features extraction and gesture recognition. Various diagrams are used to describe to overall system design which include block diagram, use-cases diagram and activity diagrams. The Evolutionary Prototyping methodology is also used to speed up the system development process and improve the quality of the final system through several refinement on the prototype. High-level Python programming language is used to develop the system as it provides easy syntax that allow quick coding and provides various standard libraries which enable the execution of complex functionalities easily. OpenCV open source library also being used for its various functions that related to object tracking and image processing. Eventually, the system functionality, average recognition rate, accuracy and misclassification rate of the system is being evaluated in the system testing through functional testing and non-functional testing which include black-box testing, system performance testing and classification performance testing. The weaknesses of the system will be recorded as part of the future work of the project in order to achieve better improvement.


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