This project aims at automatically controlling vehicles at speed restricted areas such as schools, hospital zones etc. Nowadays the drivers drive vehicles at high speed even in speed limited areas without considering the safety of the public, the traffic police are not able to control them with full effect. Also it is not practical to monitor these areas throughout. This project paves way for controlling the speed of the vehicles within certain limit in restricted zones without interruption of the drivers. An RFID is used for this purpose. The RFID reader is attached along with the vehicle and the RFID tag with these zones. These tags are programmed to send a coded signal when the reader comes in proximity.

Whenever the vehicles enter into these zones their receivers will receive this code and the speed of the vehicles is controlled automatically with the help of the Arduino unit present inside the vehicle. The tags are placed at the beginning and the end of the regions for which the speed should be reduced.

Chapter One/Introduction 

Most of the road accidents occur due to over speed and rash driving of vehicles on public roads. The rate of accidents has increased as more vehicles come on to ground. Usually the drivers drive the vehicles at high speed without considering the public in speed limited areas too. Even though the traffic police control them we cannot achieve full response from them. Also it is not possible to monitor those areas at all time to regulate their speed Research on fully and partially automated roadway systems is being conducted in most developed countries. The major technologies are unlikely to be introduced before the end of the century and some are unlikely to be implemented within two decades. These systems offer excellent opportunities to control vehicle speeds and movements in order to avoid accidents but they rely, of course, on sophisticated features built into the roadway and vehicle. Progress with these systems should be monitored but they are unlikely to offer any significant short term solutions. But various types of accident are occurred on express highway road, highway road, off road just because of small uncertain activities. Rash driving, system failure, collision due to obstacles, exiting speed control limit etc. are just some causes of accidents. For prevention of this accident, government made some rules. Such as helmet, seat belt compulsion etc. Speed control at particular type of road is also necessary to avoid accidents. For this, there is no any system to control the speed of vehicle. That’s why, there is need to invent such system which control the speed of vehicle automatically at given limit at particular limiting distance. If this concept methodology system is possible, the problems related to traffic as well as accidents due to collision will be controlled. Now it is possible to control or set the speed of vehicle at a given limit on the roads like highways, school zones, hospital zones…etc express high ways and any area where the speed limit is desired by the technique suggested in methodology described in this project. In our country mostly 60 km/hr. limit for high ways and below 80km/hr. limit for express highways. Thus this project paves way for controlling the speed of the vehicles within certain limit in those restricted zones without the interruption of the drivers. This developed system is applicable for any speed limit which can be set or controlled as per the roads. In this project, the proposed methodology is suggested that one such kind of speed control system based on radio frequency detection for highway and restricted zones.

Problem statement

Nowadays people are driving very fast; accidents are occurring frequently, we lost our valuable life by making small mistake while driving (school zone, hospital zones, hills area, and highways). So in order to avoid such kind of accidents and to alert the drivers and to control their vehicle speed in such kind of places the highway department have placed the signboards. But sometimes it may not possible to view that kind of signboards and there is a chance for accident. Thus, the existences of an automatic regulation of vehicle near by the critical zones are highly required.

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