The main thrust of this study is to design and implement a WEB BASED AGRICULTURAL TOOLS AND MACHINERY RENTAL SYSTEM in Nigeria. Agriculture forms the backbone of Nigeria economy and there is always a need of supporting and improving it .As a part of which some of Nigeria NGO’s are with an initiative of supporting the farmers by facilitating them with the moder agricultural equipment’s on rental basis .Modern agricultural equipment’s make farmers work more efficient and easy .As a part of which there are some organizations that are set up to help those farmers who are in need of such equipment’s,where the organization owns the equipment’s and rent those on request of farmers at liable amounts. At present, farmers need to travel to a place to borrow all the essential needs, which is a tiresome and not a cost effective work. So a smart digital farming is listed as the highest ranking technology opportunity in the latest Global Opportunity report in terms of its expected positive impact on society.
This computer science research is on digitizing the process of renting the agricultural equipments by the farmers through design and imple .We aim at developing a website that farmers can use to get their equipments on rent and also check the availability and renting .We also allow them to book the equipments in advance .It also helps us to get the track of equipments that are on rent .We also aim at developing analytic for the farmers to make better availability of equipments and to keep track of the equipments as well, which could help in providing better support for farmers.

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