Basic Dos and Dont In Applying For Loans In Nigeria Commerical Banks


  1. Do research: Before applying for a loan, it’s important to do your research and compare different loan options from different banks. Look at interest rates, loan terms, and fees to determine the best loan for your needs.
  2. Do check your credit score: Your credit score is an important factor that banks consider when evaluating loan applications. Check your credit score before applying for a loan and take steps to improve it if necessary.
  3. Do prepare necessary documentation: Make sure you have all the necessary documentation required by the bank before applying for a loan. This can include proof of income, bank statements, and identification documents.
  4. Do be honest: Be honest about your financial situation and your ability to repay the loan. Banks will assess your ability to repay the loan, so it’s important to be truthful.
  5. Do negotiate: Don’t be afraid to negotiate the terms of the loan with the bank. You may be able to negotiate a lower interest rate or more favorable loan terms.


  1. Don’t apply for multiple loans at once: Applying for multiple loans at once can damage your credit score and make it more difficult to get approved for a loan in the future.
  2. Don’t borrow more than you need: Only borrow what you need and can afford


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