Best 2023 Unlimited Data Plan for Airtel Netwok in Nigeria


Best 2023 Unlimited Data Plan for Airtel Netwok in Nigeria

For your smartphone, get the most recent Airtel Cheap Data Plan. However, it doesn’t matter if you surf on your PC using the inexpensive data plan. Just adhere to the recommendations in this post.

Whether you want to know some excellent Airtel data USSD codes that offer more data value at lower prices, or if you’re seeking for inexpensive and affordable Airtel data plans to buy as an active Airtel subscriber.

Best 2023 Unlimited Data Plan for Airtel Netwok in Nigeria

You are on the right page, and I’m happy to tell you that since I’ll be walking you through some inexpensive data plans from Airtel.

I’ve included a comprehensive list of all Airtel cheap data plans in this page, together with information on their costs, USSD subscription numbers, and their duration of validity.

Recently disclosed subscription figures.

Today, Airtel Nigeria is regarded as one of the top telecom providers in Nigeria and other nations. This is evident when you read an in-depth analysis of their offerings and consider how reasonably priced the majority of their data plans are.

Here are a few of the inexpensive data plans offered by Airtel.

1. Airtel My Offer Cheap Data Plan

The cheapest data packages available on the Airtel network for a small fee are Airtel My Offer Data Plans. Nevertheless, depending on how frequently you use your line while recharging, your offer stage changes.

Below are the available offers you can get cheaply on the Airtel My Offer data plan.

  • 500MB – N100 – 7 days
  • 1GB – N200-  7 days
  • 5GB – N300 – 7 days
  • 5GB – N1000 – 14 days

Simply dial *141*1# and enter either (1, 2, or 3), depending on the data bundle you wish to sign up for, to subscribe to Airtel My Offer data bundles.

2. Daily/Weekly Bundles

inexpensive Airtel Depending on the data bundle you select, the data plans in this section are valid either daily or weekly. The data plans included with this package are listed below.

  • N50 – 40MB – Daily
  • N100 – 100MB – Daily
  • N200 – 200MB – 3 Days
  • N300 -350MB – 7 Days
  • N500 – 750MB – 14 Days
  • N300 – 1GB – Daily
  • N500 – 2GB – Daily

To subscribe to this cheap Airtel data plan, just dial this USSD code *141# and reply with “2” (a list of all the data offers as shown). Now reply with the data package you are comfortable with.

3. Airtel Cheap Weekly Bundles

The Airtel Weekly Bundle section can be used for 5 days, 7 days, or 14 days. Below is a list of the data bundle.

  • N500 – 750MB -14 days
  • N500 – 1GB -7 days
  • N1500 – 6GB – 7 days
  • N300 – 350MB – 7 days
  • N100 – All Social 5 days

To subscribe, just dial *141# and reply with “2” and “2” again, and you will see all available data plans as shown. Now select the one you want to purchase.

4. Airtel Data++

For frequent data users, the Airtel network offers Data++. Nevertheless, I believe it to be superior to Airtel’s monthly data plans. Here is a complete list of the affordable data plans from Airtel that are part of this package.

  • N500 – 2.5GB (2 days)
  • N3000 – 11GB (30 days)
  • N4000 – 15GB (30 days)
  • N5000 – 22GB (30 days).

Just dial this 3-digit USSD code (*141#) and send using your Airtel SIM.

Now, reply with 2>>4, and you will be on a page indicating all the above-listed plans. Purchase and leave the page.

Summary of findings

Many individuals chose the Airtel network because of its reliability and usability. The bulk of these Airtel customers, however, are unaware of how to access cheap data through Airtel. That’s why I prepared this article, so you could quickly find out what you needed to know about the Airtel inexpensive data plan.

I was able to put together a list of Airtel’s affordable data plans. It is highly valuable and very reasonably priced. You can select a plan based on how much data you use.