Configuration of Secure Wireless Application Protocol Gateway



The number of mobile phones in the world is increasing every day at an astonishing speed. These means increasing of applications that used with it. Also we have come to take for granted the availability of information. There are many ways to provide application access on mobile devices , and these applications want to be available for a long time. Some of these applications must be more sensitive, the security consideration in sensitive application must be implemented on mobile banking .

Mobile banking can be broken into three key areas: Informational, Transactional, and Service[1]. The Gateway secreting physically so only authorized users have access to the system.WAP can be used for this type of applications. WTLS is convenient protocol with WAP to make encryption of users data on gateway that connected with mobile client and content provider . In this project we implemented Elex Bank as a sensitive application, and used the own gateway to secure customers data which allocated on the content provider.