Cost and utilization of primary health care services among women of reproductive age group



  1. Background to the Study

In addition to sound professional education and training, the capacity of primary health care practitioners to successfully manage primary health care cases and challenges is largely dependent on their level of awareness of relevant information especially on primary health care and their ability to access and utilize effectively and efficiently such information. The fundamental factor in information utilization is awareness of the existence of information (Tyagi, 2011). Awareness is a major determinant of use. Awareness of information resources enhances information utilization. Studies indicate that lack of information awareness is one of the primary reasons for non-use of information resources (Tyagi, 2011; John, 2006; Kujengyere, 2007; Manda & Mukangera. 2007; Sajjad and Ramzy, 2004). This implies that, though a user may identify his/her area of information need, without proper awareness of how and where to get the resources that will provide the information needed, such needs may not be met. Togia and Tsigilis (2011) reiterated that lack or low awareness of the existence of information resources constitutes major impedance to its utilization. Closely related to the role of awareness in information utilization is the notion of information access. Access to timely and accurate information play a vital role in the planning, development and maintenance of health care services. World Health Organization (2008) posits that “sound and reliable information is the foundation of decision making across all health system building blocks and is essential for health system policy development and implementation, governance and regulation, health research, human resources development, health education and training and service delivery”. This is to say that for effective service delivery by primary health care 2 practitioners there is the need for information that is accessible and if properly utilized will lead to improved patient out come


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