COTPS SPECIAL REPORT: COTP Real Owner Is Dead, This Is What Investors Should Do

Before we proceed, we would like to state that COTPS are group of highly classified fraudsters.

It is almost 5days since COTP crashed, yet investors are still blind hoping they will ever come back again. But for real, they are gone like every other PONZI websites with over a billions USDT of investors fund.

Well, from investigation and crack down from our experts we looked up their transactions on the USDT Explorer and discovered what they truly do.

After a person registers, he or she is given an address to fund with, and after funding, if you check the explorer, you will see that the funds are entirely moved to another wallet address (that has a lot of USDT in it), so you will see two transactions for a single deposit you made, the first hitting your wallet address and the second being how it is forwarded to the other address, and your wallet balance will read 0USDT even though you have funds in the account. When you make a withdrawal, you’ll see that the address from which the money is transmitted isn’t your COTP address; instead, it’s from a different wallet entirely. So they have their own allocated address for paying out customers who want to withdraw.

The essence of trading every two hours is to make members not withdraw, in reality those numbers in account are just fake figures, they make you click button every two hours to compound the number then you think you traded… If you monitor the movement of funds, you will see that people are depositing every second so there is always money if you want to withdraw… They discover you are not exchanging anything from the reserve wallet when you request a withdrawal.

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The real owner of COTPS is Late Richard C. “Rick” Cooley

Richard C. “Rick” Cooley, Jr., of Hockessin, DE, age 61, passed away peacefully on Saturday, January 9, 2021 source((

He was born in Milwaukee, WI and is the son of Betty (King) and the late Richard C. Cooley, Sr. Rick graduated from Williston Elko High School, Williston, SC.

Along with his mother Rick is survived by his brother Brooks Cooley; a niece, Etsuko Cooley; 2 nephews, Nathan Cooley and Benjamin Cooley and 3 cousins, Edwin Cooley, Beth Smoak and Mary Roberts and their families.

Rick and Betty Cooley and their family are the Cooley’s Olde Tyme Piano Shoppe Inc (COTPS). They have been been collecting, restoring and selling vintage automated music instruments for over 35 years. COTPS.COM website was originally used by Rick for music and mechanism, with the fond hopes that a new generation will discover, perserve, and promote the amazing magic of Automatic Musical Instruments((

So COTP is a sham in every sense; if you use the Wayback Machine, you can see the original meaning of COTPS, which was “Cooley’s Olde Tyme Piano Shoppe,” thus COTPS.COM. Because the man was late, his website was sold, and a group of unknown cyber syndicates bought it last year and developed it, and it only started working properly this year.

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Anyone could set up customized shirts, cups, and wood and write COTP on it in a single room with computers, and those false offices are members who invested in it attempting to make people think it’s real. Check out their smile; it says it all that they’re new to the platform.

What investors should do?

The best option for those in Asia is to report this people to highest authorities for crackdown.

Nothing is hidden forever in this world. With sophisticated technologies, professional expertise, this people will be apprehended sooner than later. Investors should wake up from slumber with the claim they will come back again, investors should also stop wasting there time trading COTPS to avoid depression.

Final thought

Never give up in life, crash of COTPS is not an end of the world. Always invest what you can endure in any business that you don’t know the real owner. Make proper findings and ask about the security of your fund in case anything goes wrong.

Stay safe and strong and watch our next update!


But these will irritate greedy Nigerians, who will soon begin to insult them. However, the truth has been revealed. Check out all of these facts before you say anything.



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