Without water survival is impossible. Water is one of the most important substances on earth. All plants and animals must have water to survive. If there was no water there would be no life on earth. As water is very precious and due to the scarcity of drinking water in day to day life one has to take care of every drop. A water tank is used to store water for daily requirements like drinking, washing etc. An elevated water tank is a large water storage container constructed for the purpose of holding water supply at certain height to provide sufficient pressure in the water distribution system. Liquid storage tanks are used extensively used by municipalities and industries for storing water, inflammable liquids and other chemicals. These tanks have various types of support structures like RC braced frame, steel frame, RC shaft, and even masonry pedestal. The most commonly used staging in practice is the frame type. The main components of this type of staging are columns and braces. The staging acts like a bridge between the overhead container and foundation to transfer loads acting on the tank. Thus Water tanks are very important for public utility and for industrial structure and also to withstand more design forces. The frame support of the ELSR should have adequate strength to resist axial loads, moment and shear force due to lateral loads. These forces depend upon total weight of the structure, which varies with the amount of water present in the tank container.





The water tanks are majorly classified into water tank resting on ground, under the ground and the water tank about the ground. Based on the shape, water tanks are majorly circular rectangular and triangular shape. Elevated tanks are supported on staging which may consist of masonry walls, R.C.C. tower or R.C.C. columns braced together. The walls are subjected to water pressure. The base has to carry the load of water and tank load. The staging has to carry load of water and tank. The staging is also designed for wind forces. From design point of view the tanks may be classified as per their shape- rectangular tanks, circular tanks, intz type tanks. Spherical tanks conical bottom tanks and suspended bottom tanks. A circular shaped ELSR is adopted in this project for AITS College, Boyanpalli, Rajampeta, in Kadapa district in Andrapradesh


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