In remote areas, hilly regions, strategic location, border areas (army deployment), Islands etc. generation of power is scanty if not nil. In these situations a Small Manual Battery Charging Unit would be of great help to provide power supply to battery chargers or battery operated gadgets like mobile phone, communication devices, radio, lamp, fan, TV etc. This product was conceived while studying various means to charge the batteries of an energy efficient lamp. The present design relates to very compact and easily portable power-generating unit, which besides being used as a power generator and battery charger can also be used as cycle exerciser. The power-generating unit is pedal operated. It serves dual purpose of power generation and helping the person to maintain physical fitness through exercise of muscles of legs and lower torso. The force applied to the pedals gets transmitted to the flywheel rotor unit of power generating device through chain-sprocket and gear train. The sizes of sprockets and gears are so chosen to achieve suitable rotating speed of the flywheel rotor for power generation. The shape and size of rotor is chosen to act as a flywheel and impart suitable moment of inertia. The electrical power so produced can be fed to a generator unit and plurality of electrical connectors in the generator unit provides electrical power to various electrical devices. As per the suitability of individual user the height of the present design can be adjusted. The design enables hands free operation and simultaneously the user can engage himself in other activities like reading, watching TV etc. The user can relax intermittently without stopping the motion of the rotor unit abruptly.

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