Design and Implementation of an automated Recognition Device for Visually Impaired


Design and Implementation of an automated Recognition Device for Visually Impaired

Chapter One/Introduction

In recent year, shopping became a very hard task to do, with hundreds manufactures and millions products, supermarkets start being bigger and contain thousands of products. The shopping trip started taking long time from the shopper to choose which manufacturer is the best, which product is the right one and the healthiest by noticing things like production date, expired date and product ingredients. With all things mentioned, shopping for every day needs became complicated for normally people and much complicated for people with any kind of impaired.

Many people with visually impaired (VI) shopping dependently. They receive assistance from a friend, a relative, an agency volunteer, or a store employee. Depending on the assistant’s availability, the shopper may need to postpone the shopping trip many times [1]. Instead of this, another solution for these people will be presented to make their life easier. This solution is a mobile device that helps the visually impaired to identify the products in the supermarket.

The supermarket presents the device to the visually impaired person when entering the supermarket .They use the device to identify any product in it. Every shelf in the supermarket have tags for every product, every tag contain a code, which is unique for each product. The device which carried by the visually impaired has a reader can read those tags in specific shelve, and compare any tag code in the shelf with all shelves tags codes which are saved in the supermarket database.

Each product specification like name, price, manufacturer and weight recorded by a very clear voice and saved in the database. When the device reads a specific tag, the system will recognize the product according to that tag, thus the corresponding voice file will be played and the visually impaired will hear the product information which exists on that shelve.

Problem Statement:

Visually impaired people face many problems in their life; they need a lot of outside support in doing anything. One of their problems is purchasing products from supermarkets. This part of the visually impaired problems discussed and covered in this project.

Proposed Solution

To design a mobile device carried by visually impaired when getting inside the supermarket to describe the category of the product and it’s specifications in the visually impaired section.


The main objectives of the project are:

  • To design a guiding system using Infrared Technology to guide the visually impaired inside the
  • To design a visually impaired product identification device using RFID and microcontroller technologies.
  • To simulate the suggested design of the guiding system by using Proteus simulation environment.
  • To simulate the suggested design of the device by using Proteus simulation environment.
  • To implement a prototype of the proposed