Design And Implementation Of Automated Detection Algorithm For Vehicles Accidents

Design And Implementation Of Automated Detection Algorithm For Vehicles Accidents

CHAPTER ONE/Introduction


Transportation or transport sector is a legal source to take or carry things from one place to another. With the passage of time, transportation faces many issues like high accidents rate, traffic congestion, traffic and carbon emissions air pollution, etc. In some cases, transportation sector faced alleviating the brutality of crash related injuries in accident. Due to such complexity, researchers integrate virtual technologies with transportation which known as Intelligent Transport System. The idea of virtual technologies integration is a novel in transportation field and it plays a vital part to overcome the issues in global world.

ITS is the conventional of the development of next-generation technologies. It is a novel field that interoperates in different fields of transportation system, such as transportation management, control, infrastructure, operations, policies and control methods, etc. There is a wide range of reimbursement that obtained from ITS deployments. ITS can play a major role in reducing risks, high accidents rate, traffic congestion, carbon emissions, air pollution and on the other hand increasing safety and reliability, travel speeds, traffic flow and satisfied travellers for all modesQureshi and Abdullah (2013).

Traffic control is one of the important applications of ITS. As the problem of overpopulation worsens, traffic control becomes a grand challenge. Among the main technologies used to implement solutions for this challenge is the Video traffic surveillance system.

Nowadays, Video traffic surveillance systems are increasingly being deployed across city centers, motorways, Highways and car parksKurdi (2013). surveillance systems are widely used for incident management, real-time traffic management, traveler information, and hazard evacuation. Some of the most widely used methods are closed circuit television systems, driver reports processing, highway crew patrols, and automatic incident Detection (AID) systemsMotamed (2013).

Video traffic surveillance systems have decreased the need of human presence to monitor activities captured by video cameras. And also one of the advantages of Video traffic surveillance system (as shown in figure 1.1) is videos can been stored and analyzed for future reference. Extensive research has been done in the field of video traffic surveillance. Video traffic surveillance systems are used for vehicle detection, tracking, traffic flow estimation, vehicle speed detection, vehicle classification, etc.

One of the widely used applications of traffic surveillance systems is vehicle detection, which can detect vehicle’s velocity, trajectory, traffic density, etc. and if there is any abnormality, the recorded information, which contains video images of traffic parameters, can be send to the  traffic authorities to take necessary action Vasu (2010).

Many systems have been proposed for accident detection by researchers. The detection technique is known as Traffic-incident detection- algorithmMeena et al (2014).

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