Design and implementation of banking bot system.

The user will be able to ask whatever inquiry they like about the bank, and an intelligent chat bot will respond with information or answers. The input of bank customers is the first thing that our intelligent system will accept. This information may be provided either verbally or in written form. The intelligent system will process the user’s question based on the input, and then it will offer the user an answer. An artificial intelligence is the component of our project that is both the most important and the most useful. An intelligent system is one that automates activities that are often associated with human thinking, such as decision making and the process of problem resolution. This system is going to be accessible over the web. An intelligent chat bot will be designed and developed with the help of our technology. A technological demonstrator will be shown in order to validate a proposed framework that is necessary to support such a bot (a web service). While a black box technique is utilized, which involves controlling the communication structure to and from the web service, the web service itself makes it possible for any kind of client on any kind of platform to communicate with the server. The offered service will be accessible through a produced interface that enables seamless XML processing. As a result, the lifespan of such a service can be extended thanks to the extensibility of the interface. The web-based bot incorporates an artificial brain, which enables it to generate individualized user answers that are consistent with the desired character. The responses to questions posed to the bot, which it is unable to comprehend, will be preserved, and further processing will be performed using a third-party expert system. This will improve the capabilities of the artificial brain for the development of responses in the future.

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