Background to the Study

The purpose of this project is to provide a platform for users and rental product(s) owners in an effective and efficient manner. Online Renting System is a one stop rental portal. It provides services such as accommodation. It provides the facility to make online orders and get everything done before you reach the destination. This web application would be implementable irrespective of the location. Instead of providing accommodation from only one rental show room the application is acting as interface between different users (borrowers and lenders). There is no restriction of rental showrooms for our website. Means any rental showroom owners want to display their accommodation on our site then they simply register in our site by providing personal information and product description(s).


This web application is providing some additional features for vendors to edit or delete their accommodation. Customers need to register with our site as they search and place orders in our site. We are responsible for communication between customer and the vendor and maintain the database. It also providing an extra module that it accepts feedback from the customers. The application provides an extra feature that is “Relocation Services”.


There are many rental systems are available in online. But, they are not providing all accommodation at one place. Also many of them restricted to only one city. That means rental accommodation listing website system in online deals only with accommodation. Also many of them are not providing effective communication between customer and the vendor. Also present rental systems restricted to only one vendor means accommodation are listed only from one rental show room.

Statement of the Problem

The manual accommodation rental system provides services only during office hours. So, customers have limited time to make any transactions or reservation of the accommodations. The problem with some of the current system is that some small companies already have a accommodation rental system which is not a web based application. This is a limitation that gives them capability to store customer’s details, but at the same time they cannot make their services more available to the public through the internet, they rather make use of posters to advertise their services to the public. They also make use of phone call reservations which is also limited to few features as compare to a web base system. For example, a customer might make a phone call reservation for a particular accommodation, but when he/she comes to see the accommodation, he/she might turn not to like the accommodation, this could be because the customer could not see a sample picture of the accommodation he/she wants to rent at initial stage.

Purpose Of The Study

The main objective of this study is on Design and implementation of rental accommodation listing website.

The study has the following specific objectives;

  1. We aim at developing responsive website that users can use to list their accommodations on rent and also check the availability
  2. It reduces the cost of visiting the places to check the availability and renting.
  3. The system will also allow users to book the accommodationin advance.
  4. It also helps users to get the track of accommodation’s that are on rent
  5. We also aim at developing analytic for users to make better availability of accommodation’s an to keep track of the accommodation’s as well which could help in providing better support for users
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