Design and Implementation of virtual communication system with integration of video conferencing and chat feature



In order to decrease expenses, risks, and time squandering, many businesses demand cutting-edge technology such as the video conferencing and chat feature system under consideration for this project. One of the objectives of this initiative is to reduce the geographic gap that currently exists between two or more companies. Aside from these, there are several more advantages to video conferencing and chat services. I reduce delivery costs for businesses, resulting in savings in terms of time, travel, and the distribution of resources across big groups of people. I also reduce delivery costs for individuals. A comprehensive variety of educational services, including courses, tutorials, project work, and training can be provided to students through the use of telecommunications technology. It is recommended that, when it comes to system analysis and design methodology, the proposed system be compared to the present system in the study, and then it is discussed in further depth about the design and execution of the system. The system, which was meant to function on Windows XP or higher versions of the operating system, was built using Visual Basic 6.0. The fact-finding tactics that were employed included interviews, observation, online and library research, to name a few examples.