Design Of Wheelbarrow For Construction Industry

Design Of Wheelbarrow For Construction Industry




Background to the study 

Wheelbarrows are one of the complex machines consisting of simple machines, wheels, levers and sloping plane

While conducting a survey on existing carts from construction workers, most of them made the same complaint. Among them is a hard handle that can cause injury to the arm. Consumers also need to use more energy because they need to lift the cart first to remove the goods, and to bend down to lift the cart. Based on the information on existing wheelbarrows obtained from short interviews with users and workers, the researchers have agreed to produce a better-quality innovative wheelbarrow and make it easier to work on the site and help student for doing their lab.


 Problem Statement


Operating a wheelbarrow expend quite a significant amount of energy. Aside from consuming a lot of energy, prolong use of wheelbarrow will cause compilation to the human body causing discomfort or pain to different parts of the body. During unloading for example, the average user will often lost balance while lifting and moving the wheelbarrow to the left or right. Also, to note, during loading the average person will feel that the heavy load will cause fatigue to the forearm. Having an extra wheel for balance can make all the difference when transporting heavy loads. Because the wheelbarrow won’t be trying to lean one side or the other, energy can be directed towards lifting the wheelbarrow without fear of the wheelbarrow tipping over.


  1. To produce an innovation wheelbarrow “Scissarrow”.
  2. To make a comparison of load limit with the standard wheelbarrow and the innovation
  3. To determine the time taken for wheelbarrow to unload

Scope of project

The inspiration the researchers obtained to create this wheelbarrow came from the difficulties of students of our prestigious institution, to complete tasks that are related to using the wheelbarrow. In some classes in which female student are the majority, they would often get fatigued after one use. Thus, the researchers think it is most appropriate that the scope of our project appeal to the general masses and not only focusing on the female students.

The comparison we make for the standard wheelbarrow and our innovation wheelbarrow is.

  1. Time
  2. Maximum load that can be lifted
  3. Unloading process
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