Duties and Functions of Lagos State Environmental Sanitation Enforcement Agency (Task Force)

Lagos State Environmental Sanitation Enforcement Agency (Task Force)
The Lagos State Environmental Sanitation Enforcement Agency was established by the Environmental Sanitation Edict of 1991, which took effect on November 4th (Task Force).
According to Law Act E6.Law of Lagos State 2003, the Agency was then restructured as an Environmental Sanitation Enforcement Agency.

Duties of Lagos State Environmental Sanitation Enforcement Agency (Task Force)

Any vehicles, goods, wares, articles, or things discovered anywhere that are against any of the Laws listed in Chapter E6 Scheduled, Section 4 (1) of the Environmental Sanitation Law, or the Lagos State Road Traffic Law 2012, which listed Environmental Offenses throughout the State, may be impounded or taken custody of by the Task Force.

Among its duties are the following.

  • To address the problems of unhygienic living conditions, indiscriminate shanties, and slum communities in Lagos State.
  • It has the following regulatory authority:
    Arrest and charge street vendors
  • “Arrest and penalize violators of the Road Traffic Law 2012”
  • Anybody who utilizes public areas for social, commercial, or religious reasons should be detained and punished.
  • Catch and charge roadside mechanics.
  • Catch and penalize touts and anybody else who unlawfully issues tickets to drivers on public roads and highways.
  • collaborating with the Lagos State Film and Census Board in the arrest and punishment of people who sell, market, or exhibit uncut movies or pornographic recordings.
  • collaborating with LAMATA to conduct arrests of people who stray from the specified BRT routes and corridors.
  • In collaboration with the Ministry of Health, extremists in the medical profession are detained and punished.
  • To carry out any extra duties that the Governor may appoint.





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