Students and academic researchers can utilize Early childhood education project topics and materials that have been listed on this platform.

It is worthy to note that the department of Early childhood care and education (ECCE) is all about the preparation for primary school. Early childhood care and education aims at the holistic development of a child’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical needs in order to build a solid and broad foundation for lifelong learning and wellbeing.

Below are the list of interesting  resources, project topics ideas and their research materials.


Early Childhood Education Project Topics

  1. Relationship Between Parenting Practices And Attachment Styles Among Early Childhood Education Pupils Nigeria
  2. Imo State Government Extent Of Implementation Of The National Objectives For The Establishment Of Pre-Primary Education
  3. Assessment Of Challenges Of Gifted Children
  4. The Attitude Of Parents Toward Sex Education
  5. Quality Of Teachers For Effective Teaching And Learning Of Geography In Secondary Schools
  6. Teachers Personal Characteristics And Students Academic Performance Students In Chemistry
  7. Parental Socio-Economic Status And Occupational Aspiration Among Public Secondary Schools Students
  8. Teachers Personal Characteristics And Students Academic Achievement On Public Secondary School Students In Anambra
  9. Effect Of Guided Discovery And Demonstration Methods On Students’ Achievement, Interest And Conceptual Change In Practical Biology
  10. Senior Secondary School Population And Students Academic Performance
  11. A Study Of The Correlation Between Teachers’ Gender And Students’ Academic Performance In Economics In Selected Secondary Schools In Lagos State
  12. Analysis Of Project And Lecture Methods On Secondary School Students’ Academic Achievement In Economics
  13. Impact Of Parents Educational Background Secondary School Students Career Choice
  14. Assessment Of Policy Implementation On Early Childhood Education
  15. Adoption Of Cloud Computing Technology For Library Services In The National Open University Of Nigeria Library
  16. Application Of Classroom Management Techniques In Secondary Schools In Nigeria
  17. Analysis Of Students’ Performance In Wassce On The Management Of Public Senior Secondary Schools In Nigeria (2011 – 2015)
  18. An Assessment Of The Availability Of Requisite Resources For Effective Teaching And Learning Of Accounting In Senior Secondary
  19. Students’ Perception Of Joint Admission And Matriculation Board Computer Based Examination In Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria
  20. A Comparative Study Of Management Practices Private And Public Secondary Schools In Nigeria
  21. A Comparative Analysis Of Student Academic Performance In Public And Private Secondary Schools In Ondo State
  22. A Study Of The Influence Of Home Movies On The Dressing Patterns Of Students Of Tertiary Institutions In Abia State
  23. A Survey Of The Extent And Type Of Instructional Materials Improvisation In Lagos State Senior Secondary Schools
  24. Administrative Functions To Influence Teachers’ Work Performance In Secondary School. A Case Study Of Nigeria Secondary Schools
  25. Biology Teachers’ Awareness And Utilization Of Innovative Teaching Strategies In Oyo South Senatorial
  26. Conflict Management In Educational Sector (A Study Of Imo Poly)
  27. Cooperatives Factors That Can Influence The Establishment In Educational Sector In Imo State : (A Case Study Of Owerri Educational Bord. Imo State)
  28. Developmental Implications Of Early Marriage In Nigera: A Study Of Uzo-Uwani Local Government Area
  29. Role Of Science Technology And Innovation In Education As A Tool For Increased Productivity And Sustainable Development
  30. Diarrhoea Accounts For High Levels Of Mortality In Young Children In Developing Countries Like Nigeria
  31. Effect Of Students Improvised Instructional Materials On Senior Secondary School Students’achievement In Biology
  32. Effect Of Teaching Methods On Students’ Performance In Nigeria Education Institutions: A Case Of Public Secondary Schools In Ebonyi State
  33. Public Relation In Nigerian Educational Sector (A Case Study Of Federal Polytechnic Uwana Ebonyi State)
  34. The Effectiveness Of Instructional Materials In Teaching And Learning Of Biology  In Senior Secondary School In Orlu L.G.A Imo State
  35. Effects Of Instructional Materials Enhance The Teaching/Learning Process By Exhibiting Information Necessary To Acquire Knowledge And Skills
  36. Evaluation Of The Implementation Of National Curriculum For Secondary School Biology In Anambra State
  37. Examining Higher Education In Nigeria As Correlates Of Youth Preparation For Entrepreneurship
  38. Exclusive Breastfeeding Practice And Its Effect On The Physical Appearance Of Three To Six Months Babies (A Casestudy Of Selected Families In Surulere Local Government Area Of Lagos State)
  39. Extent Of The Use Of Instructional Materials In The Teaching Of Social Studies
  40. Factors Resposible For Low Enrollment Of Students In Chemistry Education In Colleges Of Education In Imo State
  41. Food Consumption Pattern And Micro Nutrient Intake Of Mothers In Lagos State.
  42. Gender And Family Background As Determinants Of Choice Of Vocations Among Apprentices In Selected Vocational Training Centres
  43. The Suitability Of Health Education In The Control Of Communicable Disease Spread In Nigeria Industrial Diseases Among Pre-School Age Children (1-5 Years)
  44. Health Implications Of Divorce Among Children And Mothers In Jaba Local Government Area Of  Kaduna
  45. Sexual Immorality Among Christian Female Students In Secondary Schools In Nigeria
  46. Higher Education In Nigeria As Correlates Of Youth Preparation For Small Scale Business
  47. Impact Of Computer  In Teaching And Learning Of Economics In Particular And Education In General A Case Study Of Secondary School In Lagos Local Government
  48. The Impact Of Modern Technology On The Training Of Secretaries In Institutions Of Higher Learning
  49. Incidence Of Candida Albicans Amongst Pregnant Women/Owerri Metropolis And Non-Pregnant
  50. Influence Of Family Socio-Economic Status, Gender And School Location On Students Perception Of Examination Malpractice.
  51. The Influence Of Guidance And Counselling Services On Academic Achievement And Transition Rate Of Taraba State Students Into Tertiary Institutions.
  52. Influence Of Instructional Materials On Students’ Performance In English Language
  53. Influence Of Literature In English Gender And Environment On Senior Secondary School Students Achievement In English Language In Nsukka Local Government Area Of Enugu State
  54. Influence Of Parents’ Occupation And Education On Students Choic E Of Career In Secondary Schools In Owerri Municipality
  55. Influence Of School Environment On Academic Performance Of Ss2 Biology Students In Aba North Local Government Area Of Abia State
  56. The Problems And Prospect Of Teaching And Learning Of Computer Science In Nigeria
  57. Effect Of Dress Code On Students In Nigeria Education Sector
  58. Influence Of Strike Action On The Academic Performance Of Students In Alvan Ikoku Federal College Of Education, Owerri
  59. A Modernist Appraisal Of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Purple Hibiscusand Chinua Achebe’s Anthills Of The Savannah
  60. Economics Teacher’s Effectiveness And Academic Performance Of Senior Secondary School Students In Owerri Municipal Council
  61. Short Services Sms And English Language Usage In Selected Secondary Schools In Nsukka Urban Area
  62. Effect Of Poor Infrastructural Facilities In The Department Of Secretarial Studies In Polytechnics In Owerri Urban
  63. Poor Nutrition And Incidence Of Non Communicable Diseases In Nwangele
  64. Software Development For Post Primary Educational
  65. Statistical Analysis Of Educational Population Enrollment From Primary To Secondary School In Omoku
  66. Statistical Analysis Of Students Expenditure In Tertiary Institutions
  67. The Impact Of E-Learning On Academic Performance: A Case Study Of Group Learning Sets
  68. Students Management Relations In Nigeria University  (A Case Study Of Kogi State University Anyigba)
  69. The Causes And Effect Of Crises In Nigerian Teaching Hospital
  70. The Influence Of Breast Cancer Campaigns On Knowledge, Attitude And Practice Among Women In Benue State
  71. Theatre As A Tool For Social Re-Orientation: The Example Of Global Rights & Yarac Voters’ Education Project In Plateau State
  72. Youth Preparation For Entrepreneurship In Higher Education In Nigeria As Correlates (A Case Study Of Ivo L.G.A Ebonyi State
  73. An Assessment Of The Implementation Of Universal Basic Education In Toto Local Government Area Of Nassarawa State
  74. Assessment Of Factors Primary School Responsible For The Poor Academic Performance In Public Schools
  75. Assessment Of Almajiri System Of Education; It’s Implication For Child, Family And National Development In Zaria Local Government Area Of Kaduna State
  76. Evaluation Of Guidance And Counseling In Abubakar Gumi College
  77. Examine The Attitude Of Parents Towards The Primary Education Of Their Children
  78. Motivational Needs Of Public Primary School Teachers In Nigeria (A Case Study Of Kaduna North Local Government Area)
  79. The Impact Of Effective Planning On Teaching And Curriculum Development On Teaching And Learning Of Integrated Science
  80. The Impact Of Guidance And Counselling Services In Some Selected Secondary Schools In Doka Area
  81. The Impact Of Public Library Services To The People Of Kaduna State [A Case Study Of Kaduna State Library Board, Kaduna]
  82. The Role Of The Teacher In Classroom Management
  83. The Teaching Of Integrated Science (Its) In The Primary Schools, Problems And Prospects
  84. Effects Of Academic Anxiety On The Performance Of Students With And Without Learning Disablities And How Students Can Cope With Anxiety At School
  85. Adoption Of Open Access For Teaching And Research By Lecturers In Nigeria
  86. An Appraisal Of Students Opinion On The Impact Of Social Studies On Cultural Preservation
  87. Assessment Of Exposure To Body Fluids Among Health Care Workers
  88. Assessment Of Staff Training And Development For Non-Professional Staff In University Libraries In Nigeria
  89. Assessment Of Substance Use Among Military Personnel In Kaduna State
  90. Assessment Of Supervisory Role Performance Of Principals On Teachers’ Duties In Secondary Schools 
  91. Assessment Of The Implementation Of Integrated Science Curriculum In Junior Secondary Schools In Nigeria
  92. Assessment Of The Use Of Information And Communications Technology (Ict) In Tertiary Institutions
  93. Effect  Of  Computer  Assisted  Instruction  (Cai)  On  Students’ Performance In Economics In Senior Secondary Schools
  94. Effect Of Cognitive Restructuring On Delinquent Behaviour Among Adolescents In Borstal Training Institute
  95. Effect Of Study Skills Training On Poor Study Habits Among Senior Secondary School Students
  96. Effects Of Computer Assisted Instruction On The Teaching Of Social Studies Education In Junior Secondary Schools
  97. Effects Of Concept Mapping And Experimental Techniques In Teaching Biology In Secondary Schools In Federal Capital Territory Abuja, Nigeria
  98. Effects Of Demonstration Techniques On Remedial Reading Of Jss Students
  99. Effects Of Different Intensity Levels Of Circuit Resistance Training On Physiological Variables Of Young Female Adults
  100. Effects Of Two Dimensional Media And Conventional Method Of Teaching On Students Performance In Agricultural Science In Secondary Schools In Nigeria
  101. Evaluation Of Instructional Leadership Practices Of Principals In Nigerian Secondary Schools
  102. Evaluation Of Provision And Maintenance Of Infrastructural Facilities In Boarding Secondary Schools
  103. Evaluation Of Staff Development Programmes For Teachers In Primary Schools
  104. Evaluation Of The Implementation Of Admission Policies In Colleges Of Education In Nigeria (2004-2013)
  105. Evaluation Of The Management Of Secondary Schools
  106. Factors Militating Against The Enrolment And Retention Of Girl-Child Students In Junior Secondary Schools
  107. Impact Assessment Of Millenium Development Goals Training Workshops For Primary School English Language Teachers
  108. Impact Of Computer Aided Instruction And Enriched Lecture Method On Interest And Performance In Physics Among Secondary School Students
  109. Impact Of Discipline On Interpersonal Relationships Among Stakeholders In Secondary Schools
  110. Impact Of Single And Multiple Shift Schooling Systems On Islamic Studies Students‘ Performance In Secondary Schools
  111. Impact Of Some Demographic Variables On Academic Needs Achievement Among Undergraduate Students Of Two Nigeria Universities: Counselling Implications
  112. Impact Of Teacher Quality On The Academic Performance Of Junior Secondary School Students In Social
  113. Influence Of Academic Self-Concept, Attitudes And Compliance On Academic Performance Of Secondary School Students
  114. Influence Of Age, Gender And School Location On Motivation For Occupational Preference Among Senior Secondary School Students In Akwa Ibom State
  115. Influence Of Branding And Consultancy Services On Sports Development In Nigeria
  116. Influence Of Child Trafficking On Personality And Academic Adjustment Among Junior Secondary School Students In Edo State, Nigeria
  117. Influence Of Home Background On Adolescent’s Attitude Towards Sex And Sexuality In Government Secondary Schools
  118. Influence Of Learned Helplessness And Home Background On Academic Performance Among Senior Secondary School Students’ In Federal Capitalterritory Abuja, Nigeria
  119. Influence Of Mothers Employment On Academic Performance Of Primary School Pupils In Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Nigeria
  120. Influence Of Parenting Styles And Parents’ Education On Social Adjustment Of Secondary School Students In Nigeria
  121. Influence Of Socio-Economic Status And School Location On Secondary School Students’ Performance In Accounting
  122. Information Resource Management In The Ministry Of Petroleum Resources, Abuja, Nigeria
  123. Knowledge And Utilization Of Voluntary Counseling And Testing Services On Prevention Of Hiv/Aids Among Students Of Tertiary Institutions
  124. Multimedia Technology Application To Information Service In Selected University Libraries In The Northern States Of Nigeria
  125. Relationship Between Knowledge Of Reproductive Health And Contraceptive Use Among Tertiary Institutions Students
  126. Role Of Agricultural Development Project (Adp) In Poverty Alleviation Among Youth Farmers
  127. Role Of Agricultural Development Project (Adp) In Poverty Alleviation Among Youth Farmers
  128. Roles Of Christian Religious Education In Promoting Human Rights In Colleges Of Education
  129. Sexual Immorality Among Christian Female Students In Secondary Schools In Nigeria
  130. Stakeholders’ Perceptions On The Provision And Maintenance Of School Plant In Secondary Schools
  131. Survey Of The Control Progammes On Substances Abuse Among Youths And Adults
  132. The Opinions Of Principals And Teachers On The Impact Of Conditions Of Service On The Job Performance And Retention Of Teaching And Non-Teaching Staff In Secondary Schools
  133. The Role Of Women In Agricultural Production In Ovia Southwest Local Government Area Of Edo State, Nigeria
  134. Utilization Of Internet Services By Librarians In Federal University Libraries
  135. Utilization Of Open Access Resources For Academic Productivity By Academic Librarians In Federal Universities
  136. Assessment Of Adequacy Of Business Studies Curriculum Implementation On Students Skill Acquisition
  137. Assessment Of Dropouts Rate Among Secondary School Students
  138. Assessment Of Influence Of Consumer Information Awareness On Homemakers’ Decision Making In Selecting Family Goods And Services
  139. Assessment Of Knowledge, Attitude And Practice (Kap) Of Family Planning Among Rural Women
  140. Assessment Of Psycho-Social And Economic Adaptation Among People Living With Hiv/Aids In Nigeria
  141. Assessment Of Resource Management In Government Secondary Schools
  142. Assessment Of Students’ Performance In Selected Prose Textbooks In Secondary Schools
  143. Assessment Of Teachers’ Implementation Of Social Studies Curriculum For Effective Citizenship In Primary Schools In Nigeria
  144. Assessment Of The Application Of Information Resource Development Strategies For Acquisition In Special Libraries
  145. Influence Of Instructional Materials On Teaching And Learning Of Computer Studies In Secondary School