Earn Massive Income By Using Owodaily Platform to Perform Simple Task on Social Media


Earn substantial income for free by using the Owodaily platform and completing simple tasks on social media

What is Owodaily?

OwoDaily is a digital jobs community that gives its members access to a variety of ways to make money online.

The platform works as a middleman between service providers and customers who want to buy a service at a fixed price via the platform.

Using OwoDaily platform, you can link up with someone who has a need for a service and someone who can provide it.

Requesters pay OwoDaily, which in turn compensates the freelancers who complete the work.

Each project that you do on the platform will earn you a fixed amount of money once your job has been validated and approved.

Depending on the work, users can earn anywhere from N20.00 to N1,000.00 each hour. In addition, all payments will be deposited straight into the user’s bank account. Registration fee is N3000 only and you can make over 750k a month.

OwoDaily provides a platform for companies who wish to promote their business on social media, and then pays its members to do so.

Let’s say I want to spread the word about the Instagram account of my company. The Owodaily platform could be used to promote a YouTube page to build visibility and attract a larger audience.

To get started, I’m going to open an Owodaily business account (more on that later), buy some credit, and then select the kind of advertising I want for my business.

There are many ways in which you may boost your social media presence. Deconstruct it and make it available for usage by Owodaily’s customers (workers).

Tasks and Services that Can Earn You Money on OwoDaily

App/Website Review

OwoDaily allows new app and website developers to publish tasks for app store reviews. As a result, you can post a job on the platform if you need more positive evaluations for your new software on Google Play or the Apple Store.

You may make money by posting good reviews and comments on apps in the Play Store.

Content Creation

Writing jobs are frequently posted on the platform by website owners and media companies, allowing those with writing skills to profit.

Facebook Promotion

OwoDaily is used by business owners and entrepreneurs to promote their brands on Facebook. They can choose to grow their Facebook page or group through platform user activities.

Users, for example, can assist in the execution of tasks such as Liking, Commenting, Sharing, and Joining Groups. Users of OwoDaily will earn money based on the type of task they complete.

Instagram Marketing

Just like Facebook Promotions, small businesses and entrepreneurs who want to improve their brand awareness on Instagram can register on OwoDaily and list tasks for users to publicise their pages on Instagram.

Users will earn money through simple activities like following a page or liking a post.

Promotion on Twitter

For businesses aiming to increase their follower base or boost visibility on Twitter, OwoDaily is a fantastic tool that can help achieve that.

Users on the platform will earn money through micro tasks like commenting and liking tweets as well as following accounts.

Promotion on YouTube

For YouTubers who want their videos to garner views or go viral, OwoDaily can be an effective tool to achieve these goals.

Those in need of this service can list these tasks on the platform and have users share, comment, view and watch their Youtube videos. This can help improve the chances of the video going viral.

OwoDaily users are paid for properly executtasks.

Music promotion

To encourage fans to stream or download their latest songs, music artists can use OwoDaily to create awareness in this regard. Users will be paid when they share songs on social media or stream a new project.

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