Effect Of Small And Medium Scale Enterprises On Environmental Quality

Effect Of Small And Medium Scale Enterprises On Environmental Quality In Lagos State Nigeria


The result of small scale enterprises on the environment leaves the ecosystem worse-off comparatively. Most of such activities come through the release of waste as well as extraction of forest resources. Environmental degradation has been and continues to be a major factor causing damage to the environment, affecting the land, water, vegetation and all other features that constitute the natural environment. The objective of this study is to assess the impact of Small Scale Enterprise on environmental quality in Lagos Metropolis. Survey method of research was adopted for the study. The data for the study was obtained using a structured questionnaire administered on a sample of fifty (50) workers of Small Scale Enterprises in Lagos Metropolis. The data was subjected to percentage (%) analysis. The result signifies that the Small Scale Enterprises’ operators in Lagos are not aware of environmental laws and policies; majority of those who claimed to be aware of such laws and policies do not comply with them. They are more concerned with profit  maximization than environmental protection. Therefore, based on the findings, the study recommends that environmental impacts assessment should be made compulsory for enterprises whose operations have negative environmental impacts. In addition, training programs such as lectures and seminar on environmental management should be organized for the owners and employees of such enterprises

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