The researcher is titled  ―Effect of Alcoholism on Christian Youths in Benue State, Nigeria. The objective of the study is to examine the effect of alcoholism on the health, social, academic and morals of Christian Youths in Benue State. Chapter two  focuses on the review of literature, the empirical studies and summary. Chapter three deals with the methodology of the study. The survey research design was employed in the study. The target population was on all the registered Churches under Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) bloc in the three senatorial zones in Benue State. Also, random sampling was adopted. Two instruments were usednamely: structural questionnaire and oral interview. The questionnaire was framed based on modified Likert scale of four points. The interview was also adopted in order to reach  other respondents who were not privileged to be sampled. Chapter four presents a statistical analysis of the data collected from the respondents on the effects of alcoholism on Christian Youths in Benue State, N igeria. The statistical analysis was carried out with the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) IBM version 23. A total of 354 questionnaires was successfully retrieved out of 384 administered, giving a total response rate of 98.3%.The findings shows that alcoholism has: health complications on Christian Youths in Benue State,negative effects on the academic performance of Christian Youths in Benue State,it makes the Youths not to be serious with their religious activities. Therefore, it is recommended that:the government should make policies to regulate the sale of alcohol and youth should be prohibited from drinking until they have reached certain age, there should be more preaching on the effects of alcoholism,there should be more adverton television and radio about the negative effects of alcohol and finally there should be a rehabilitation center for those who are alcoholics.

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