Negative Effects of Endsars protest in Nigeria

Negative Effects of End sars protest in Nigeria

The side effects of END SARS protest in the Nigeria can not be over emphasied.Hence, during the protest, Extra-Judicial Killings, and fallout in the gross national development in terms of investment was recorded.

Also during the protest some business was shutdown which was not healthy for entrepreurial business growth in a developing nations like Nigeria which relied on SMEs.

Finally the Endsars protest affected schools because all schools in the most affected states like Lagos, Delta, Edo and Abuja was shutdown.

Negative Effects and Implications of Endsars protest in Nigeria

Below are list of aftermath and negative impacts associated with the endsars protest in Nigeria states

  1. Real economic value was at low ebb during the Endsars protest
  2. There was high level of Extra-Judicial Killings in Lagos and other state especially The Lekki Massacre
  3. The negative effect of ENDARS on the business environment include The anarchy, burning, and looting of businesses has hit the economy, with a blow beneath the belt
  4. Effect of ENDSARS protest on the GDP of Lagos is that the result will manifest in a fall in real Gross Domestic Product, GDP.
  5. Lessons learnt from ENDSARS by Entrepreneurs is that the event of the EndSARS protest has made a lot of entrepreneurs see the need to plan for unforeseen circumstances by insuring their business incase of possible losses.



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