Election: Definition & Functions of Election


The staff can select their representative through a formal procedure of collective decision-making. Democracy is based on elections, which provide the populace the power to select their leaders. is a methodical procedure for choosing a candidate for public office. A populace selects a person to hold public office through a formal voting procedure called an election.

Functions of Election

  • It empowers people to choose the leaders they want and hold them responsible for their actions while in government.
  • It aids in the facilitation of political and social integration.
    Voting gives people a chance to express themselves and satisfies their need to feel like they belong by allowing them to express their partisanship.
  • It is a tool for identifying and selecting candidates for political office.
  • It helps to bring about or ensure a smooth change of government.
  • It guarantees that the public will accept political leaders.
  • It contributes to ensuring political stability.
  • It enables complete public participation in national governance, particularly among voters.


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