This study analyses the connection between motivation and employee productivity using First Bank Nigeria as a case study. First Bank of Nigeria is a Nigerian bank and financial services company with a global presence. All banks confront the challenge of increasing and maintaining employee engagement through motivation in order to increase employee and organisational productivity and avoid low employee morale and overall performance. The purpose of the article was to identify various organisational strategies and motivational tactics, determine the best motivating techniques for bringing out the best in people, and determine ways to improve overall organisational performance. The employees of First Bank Nigeria Plc., which has branches and headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria, were polled. With a total of 50 questionnaires received and statistically analysed, 50 well-structured questionnaires were given to the three (3) banks, which were evenly represented in branches. Research questions were created based on the study’s objectives and hypotheses. The study’s many hypotheses were examined using the Chi square statistical test. The results demonstrated that the quality of supervision has a positive impact on employee motivation to work longer hours. Workers’ opinions of what they earned in their business were also found to motivate them to be more productive. Financial incentives, such as monetary incentives, have a greater impact on organisational performance and productivity.

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