Endsars protest and Social Science: Qualitative Research


Endsars Qualitative Research Project

The Endsars protest shaken the Nigerian economy to its core in 2020 and severely hit every sector including health, economy and livelihood of Nigerians especially those residents in Lagos state. Apart from unwarranted destruction of properties both individual and government owned, the protest negatively shaped Nigerian foreign image. The economic shock caused by the Endsars protest will be significantly larger than the 2008-09’s great recession and sharply lead to growing unemployment rates in Nigeria Chukwu Solomon (2020)

While the long term impact of the Endsars and future occuurences is uncertain, Nigerian government need to prepare for unforseen circumstances.

The Endsars protest has a tremendous impact both primary, secondary and tertiary institutions across Nigeria and primarily had its worst toll on Nigeria economy.

This page listed some useful weblinks of qualitative research conducted about the Endsars protest which have being found very important for undergraduate students and academic researchers in the field of Social Science such as Criminology and Security Studies,  Endsars Economics project topics, Mass Communication, Peace Studies & Conflict Resolution, Political Science, Tourism Studies, International and Diplomatic Studies, Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution,Mass Communication, Journalism.

Endsars Qualitative Research Project