Exploratory survey on the maintenance of Osun-Osogbo sacred grove, Nigeria

Exploratory survey on the maintenance of Osun-Osogbo
sacred grove, Nigeria


This paper examined the maintenance state of Osun- Osogbo grove in Osogbo – which is an organically evolved cultural edifice and landscape associated with the Yoruba traditional religion and culture. This was with a view to unfolding the level of deterioration, identifying the causes of decay, and providing appropriate maintenance solutions. In order to carry out this assessment, selected cultural properties like the first palace, the second palace, scared spaces, individual shrines, Osun worship points in the grove, Oja- Ontoto shrine, the sculptures, the suspension bridge, were examined through physical surveys. The analysis is also dependent on data procured through the administration of questionnaire. Findings revealed that these cultural properties were generally ill-maintained and in a serious state of disrepair. It is also confirmed that the main factors affecting maintenance of these cultural properties were inadequate funds for maintenance, high cost of repairs and poor construction techniques. There is no specialized organization to inspect the monuments and advise for efficient maintenance regularly. It is mainly through maintenance of heritage buildings that cultural significance of these monuments can be sustained for the need of upcoming generation. This would be difficult to achieve if the best practice approach to the maintenance and management of heritage properties is not fully adopted.

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