Fabrication and Construction of a Outer thread Dicing Machine

Fabrication and Construction of a Outer thread Dicing Machine


Background to the Study


Now a days the glass manufacturing & cutting Technology are well developed. But this technology & development is only useful to the large scale industries. Because of high investment on CNC machine. Small Scale Industries cannot afford for CNC machines, they utilize human lobour for glass cutting, marking, etc. And so the small scale industries depend on the labour for their cutting work. Due to this manual work Now a day in many industries production of threaded bars by using manual operated threading machines so it required more time and lower efficiency of machine. In order to reduce time and labor costs, we design circuit for automation in threading machine.


In today’s competitive global economy, manufacturers are experiencing more pressure than ever to automate their production processes. As a result, designers of automation systems face many challenges during system development, some with far reaching consequences that may not initially be realized. The aim of this project is to evaluate these design decisions and present them in a general way which can be applied to other systems and applications. Specifically this project addresses the design of an automatic loading and unloading system for a thread rolling machine, used in producing threaded bars. The design of any Automation system should begin on the macro scale. Issues such as the system’s role in the overall manufacturing process and material flow through the plant should be addressed before considering any specific mechanical designs.


Statement of the Problem

Choosing the wrong cutting tool for the job may often result in poor quality material finishes. This could be seen as rough edges, cutter marks on the surface, raised marks, or burn marks on the material’s edges or corners. Extensive tool wear may result from this error.


Poor material finishes could be due to either bluntness in the tool used, or improper feed speed ratio. It may also be caused by the wrong dimensions of the tool for the job at hand in terms of the sizes, quality or match with the material.To resolve this, it is important to choose the right tool and setting for the job and material.

Aims and Objectives

The main objectives of this study is on the Fabrication and construction of Outer Thread Dicing Machine


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