HISTORICAL REVIEW; Nature and Effects of Banditry in Nigeria

What is Banditry in Nigeria ?

Banditry in Nigerian context are groups of armed criminal syndicates that operates in Northern parts of Nigeria with the sole aim of kidnapping for ransom, stealing cows and forcin local commnities to be paying unsolicited dues for them.

Effects of Banditry in Nigeria include;

The effect of banditry in Nigeria can not be over emphasised. The activities of banditry have cost the following devastated effect such as;

  • Shortage in agricultural outputs of Nigerian farmers
  • Decrease in the Gross National Domestic Products of Nigeria
  • Destabilization of academic activities of students((Chukwu, Solomon Ogbu (2021).Effect Of Banditry On The Academic Performance Of Secondary School Students. Accessed on September 2021 at https://projectstore.com.ng/effect-of-banditry-on-the-academic-performance-of-secondary-school-students/))
  • Increase in poverty of local residents
  • Apprehension of citizens
  • Banditry has also cased fear and possible death
  • Kidnapped children and affected parents are been traumatized
  • Bandits also affects the economy of Nigeria((Chukwu, Solomon Ogbu (2021).The Socio-Economic Impact Of Banditry In Nigeria EconomyAccessed on September 2021 at https://projectstore.com.ng/the-socio-economic-impact-of-banditry-in-nigeria-economy/ ))

Conclusion and Recommendations

From the point raised above, it is evidence that the activities of banditry in Northern region of Nigeria to a greater extend have impacted negatively on the wellbeing of the affected residents and Nigeria atlarge. Government needs to buckle up in their fight against bandits by strengthening the security((Chukwu, Solomon Ogbu (2021).Effect Of Banditry On The Security Apparatus Of Nigeria Under President Buhari Administration.Accessed on September 2021 at https://projectstore.com.ng/the-effect-of-banditry-on-the-security-apparatus-of-nigeria-under-president-buhari-administration-2019-2021/)) architecture of Nigeria. This paper also recommends for massive employment of youths in the armed forces of Nigeria. This will go a long to curtail the menace of banditry if well implemented.


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