how to earn legitimate income using facebook in Nigeria


Utilizing Facebook in any number of different ways may help you rack up some serious income. This blue software, which you use on a daily basis to interact with others, educate yourself, and enjoy yourself, has a great number of options for generating money. Let’s take a look at the many different methods that you may rake in at least 5000 naira (or more) every day using Facebook.

Marketing via affiliates

Affiliate marketing is becoming more popular as a means of making money in modern times. Providing financial support to a variety of online communities. This is one of the ways that you can use just your Facebook account to make consistent income, even if you do not have a storefront or any products that you sell.

Affiliate marketing is all about encouraging other people to buy products so that you can earn commissions on those sales. Receive compensation for sending customers’ way who make purchases of things. You may make the most of this chance and earn income on a daily basis rather than wasting your time and energy competing in referral competitions on social media.

When customers make purchases after clicking on an affiliate marketer’s referral link, companies hand up a commission to the marketer. Some companies even charge for each click. In spite of how straightforward it may sound, the amount of payment you receive won’t be significant until you have a sufficient number of referrals. When you refer more people, you increase the amount of money you make. The solution to this problem is Facebook.

Facebook brings people and information from all around the globe closer together. That is to say, you are able to communicate with a large number of individuals using a relatively little portion of your account. You can do the same thing on Facebook just as easily as you would on a website, where most users are used to placing affiliate links inside articles.

Establish a profile or page and direct it toward a certain subgroup. You don’t want to be too haphazard with your choices. It is preferable to make slow but steady progress toward becoming a household brand in relation to a certain product.

Sign up with an affiliate network. There may be a cost associated with this. You may use the affiliate network to choose things that you wish to sell, copy the links to those products, and then attach them to posts that you publish on Facebook. Transform your Facebook timeline into a little website by populating it with posts that provide solutions to the problems that people are having and links to things that they can purchase.

You will earn a commission each time someone reads and then clicks to purchase anything via your affiliate link. Facebook advertisements may be used to promote your posts to more people, so increasing the number of people who view them and the amount of money you make. This is useful if you want greater interaction and more people to see your posts.

Participating in the sale of goods on the Facebook Marketplace

If you are currently engaged in the business of buying and selling items for a profit, you can take it to the next level and make even more money every day in addition to what you are already making if you are able to do so without experiencing a great deal of stress. This is an additional method that will help you make more than 5000 naira on Facebook every day.

Users of Facebook are able to offer products for sale and market them via the Facebook Marketplace. Such interested in making a purchase may also quickly search for those things and make a purchase of them.

By the end of the year 2021, an estimated 2.9 billion individuals will use Facebook on a monthly basis. If you just make your items available for purchase online, then a significant number of potential customers will be exposed to them.

 A store on Facebook


If you currently have a Facebook page dedicated to your company, you may convert that page into an online storefront for your company. The procedure of establishing a page on Facebook, in the event that you do not already have one, is fairly simple. You are able to establish one and launch a store on Facebook. Because Facebook has such a large user base, you have the potential to generate a significant amount of revenue from the sales that occur on your page.

Therefore, as individuals are navigating Facebook, they may stop by your page to make orders for the products that you provide. Create a Facebook page without further ado, please.

Use Facebook as an engagement tool

When compared to a standard website or blog, Facebook provides more opportunities for user participation and interaction. You may take advantage of these Facebook interactions in order to improve the amount of traffic that goes to your website or blog if you have a website or blog.

You may also choose to shorten these links to your site in order to generate additional revenue from the advertisements that are shown to your site visitors once they click on the shorter link. Be wary of the ways in which you put this to use since not everyone has the patience to wait for a shortened link to reroute properly.

Social Media Management

If you do not have anything to sell and the relevant social media skills, you will not be successful. You might work for a company as their social media manager, contributing to the management and posting on the company’s page while also being compensated for your efforts.

You may be able to take this on if you are an experienced graphic designer and writer, have some extra time on your hands, and are familiar with the ins and outs of Facebook.

Social Media Influencing

If you have a significant following community behind you on your Facebook Page, rather of letting it sit dormant, you can monetize it and generate money while continuing doing what you do if you have a strong following community behind you on your Facebook Page.

Brands are always seeking for new and innovative methods to raise awareness about their goods and services, and they are willing to pay you to educate the people who follow your page about what they have to offer if you inform them about those ways. When looking to reach a certain demographic of people on social media, major corporations almost often consult with social media influencers. Let’s imagine you own a website where you discuss all there is to know about football. You may be paid by a business that is trying to sell jerseys if you promote their product to football fans on your page. You will end up generating money just by writing about it on your page, which is where it will be posted.

If you do not already have a page, you may begin by making one and then working to progressively increase the number of people who follow it. This may seem to be challenging at first, but in the end, it can be quite profitable, particularly if you provide material that a lot of people like reading. You should put something new on the website every day, and you should look for items that are presently popular, things that people are likely to interact with.

Join Commerce groups

One of the primary purposes for which Facebook was developed was to eliminate the effects of physical separation by bringing people closer together. That is exactly what it has been able to do with a good deal of success. Facebook not only allows users to communicate with one another on a one-to-one basis, but it also provides groups in which users may communicate with one another. A great number of users have taken advantage of this functionality and established buying and selling groups in order to bring together purchasers and vendors.

You may connect with prospective purchasers by joining any of the buying and selling groups that are available on Facebook.


The following are some of the methods in which you may earn 5,000 or more naira every day using Facebook. This blue software has a plethora of chances, many of which might result in further financial gain for you. You may maintain your current level of wealth by making your Facebook app an asset rather than a burden.


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