How to fix limited originality of content in facebook monetization page


What is the limited originality of content?

Facebook has stated that any content uploaded to its platform should provide something of genuine value to its users. Therefore, content that lacks significant uniqueness will have less of a chance of being distributed through our platform. It’s possible that the Page that posted it will have its access to monetization tools restricted or maybe taken away entirely. Both the Facebook Page Terms and the Content Monetization Policies prohibit the publication of content of this nature.

Steps to fix limited originality of content on Facebook page

  • Delete all the pictures you published atleast 7days ago from the day you received the violation policy notification
  • Delete all of the videos that were uploaded at least seven days prior to the day you received the warning about the policy infringement.
  • Goto your creator studio and click monetization, select the affected page and click view criteria
  • Select see policy
  • Request for review and wait for 2-3 days.
  • If the process was rejected keep trying again until it get fixed.
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