Defining the population of the study is an important aspect of a final year research project. The population of the study refers to the group of individuals, objects, or events that the research is targeting. Here are the steps to follow when writing the population of the study in a final year research project:

  1. Define the research problem: The first step is to clearly define the research problem that the study will address. This will help to determine the population that needs to be investigated.
  2. Determine the research objective: Identify the research objective and the specific goals that the research aims to achieve. This will help to determine the appropriate population to investigate.
  3. Identify the target population: Based on the research objective, identify the target population that the study will investigate. This is the group of individuals or events that are of interest to the study. For example, if the research aims to investigate the effect of a new teaching method on student achievement, the target population would be the students who are affected by the new teaching method.
  4. Determine the sampling method: Identify the sampling method that will be used to select the study population. The sampling method will depend on the research objective and the nature of the target population. Common sampling methods include random sampling, stratified sampling, and purposive sampling.
  5. Describe the sample size: Determine the appropriate sample size that will provide sufficient data for the research. The sample size should be large enough to ensure that the findings are statistically significant but not so large that it becomes difficult to manage.
  6. Describe the sampling procedure: Describe the procedure that will be used to select the sample from the target population. This may include specific criteria for inclusion and exclusion, as well as the methods used to obtain consent from participants.
  7. State the generalizability of the study: Finally, state the generalizability of the study. This refers to the extent to which the findings of the study can be generalized to the broader population. The generalizability of the study will depend on the sampling method and the sample size used.

By following these steps, you can write the population of the study in a final year research project that is appropriate, relevant, and well-defined.

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