Company Background and Organization


DHL Worldwide Express was the world’s leading international express delivery network. It was privately held and headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. The company was formed in San Francisco in September 1969 by Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom, and Robert Lynn. The three were involved in shipping and discovered that, by forwarding the shipping documents by air with an on-board courier, they could reduce the turnaround time of ship in port.

DHL comprised two companies: DHL Airways which based in San Francisco and managed all U.S operation and DHL International which based in Brussels and managed all operations outside the

U.S. Each company was the exclusive delivery agent of the other. The main reason DHL is involved in domestic shipping within the U.S is to lower costs and increase the reliability of their international shipment.

Strategies followed by DHL Express are: Performance Management

360 Degree Online Feedback Program-

When DHL became a part of the Deutsche Post, a program called 360 Online Degree Feedback frameworks was adopted to integrate its diversity of operations and regions. The program was designed to achieve three aims:



Talent Review

Senior Leadership development Program

The program was an online one whereby its managers across the globe could participate in all the three areas mentioned above. “The online nature of the system would provide a streamlined structure that could be applied cost-effectively throughout the new organization’s massive network.” (DHL 360 Online – Developing a Global Solution for Leadership Development: DHL Identify need for Online Solution with Global Reach. 2005). All multi-national companies with global divisions such as Freight Forwarding face similar challenges and have to adapt and learn to be able to stay competent. For a manager in a division like DHL Global Forwarding, the 360


Degree Feedback Program which is an example of participatory management style was useful in understanding the needs, aspirations and views of its many employees across the globe.

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