Impact Of AI And Social Networking On Postgraduate Students

Impact of AI and social networking on postgraduate students


Many major companies already identify AI as the way forward for progressing business. Facebook, the social networking site, invested in AI since 2013 when they acquired the services of New York University professor Yann LeCun.

AI’s footprints are all over Facebook, from neural networks learning to tag to image recognition (Click on the link to read more about AI image recognition) making it easier to find friends. Most of those signed up to the site would be surprised to learn that AI influences much of what they do.

The tech aims to make using the service more efficient. Deep learning methods learn keyword queries to help create better search results for people and places. The company is also using AI to filter people’s news streams better.

After the recent scandal involving Cambridge Analytica, CEO Mark Zuckerberg pinpointed AI as the way to solve many of the companies problems with incorrect news feeds and general hate speech. Although he stopped short at specifying how.


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