Impact of girl child education on the academic performance of students in secondary School


Impact of girl child education on the academic performance of students in secondary School



The main thrust of this thesis is to investigate  Impact of girl child education on the academic performance of students in secondary School.Despite the fact that girls  in Nigeria are doing better than those in other counties their performance is  not as good   as that of boys thus the need to explore the factors influencing their performance so that there is gender streamlining in the WAEC results achieved yearly. The researcher has identified factors that affect the academic performance of girls. They include cultural factors, availability of mentors, sexuality and family  background. The  research  design that was employed in the study was descriptive survey research which is a method of collecting information by interviewing or administering questionnaires and observation guides. It also incorporated both qualitative and quantitative analysis of data. . The target population consists of 331 female students as well as 148 teachers within Lagos state both private and public schools. The questionnaires were dropped in  fifteen schools and three research assistants administered the questionnaires. Each research assistant was covering five schools.. The data coded was later analyzed  through  SPSS  and percentages obtained were used to examine how the mentioned variables influence the academic performance of the girls. The findings of the study were that the girl child’s academic performance in Nigeria is influenced by cultural factors, availability of mentors, sexuality and family background. The study therefore recommends that (1) Intensive efforts to foster a gender inclusive culture from the family level through education, across the board up to higher education, in order to promote sustainable human development need to be vigorously pursued by governmental and non-governmental organizations. (2)An enforcement of available legislation on principle of gender equality in education should be adhered vigorously to ensure a greater percentage of the girl child are being enrolled into the educational system. (3) The issue of girl child education must be taken very serious by both parents and the government by banning street hawking among school girls, discouraging early marriage, and forced labour.

Background of study
Statement of the problem
Purpose of study:
The Objectives of the study
Research Questions:
Significance of the study
Delimitations of the study
Limitations of the study
Assumptions of the study
Definition of terms
Significant the study
Organization of the study
History of girl – child education and the Global perspective

Cultural Factors that influences the Academic Performance of girl child
Availability of Mentors as a factor in Academic Performance of the Girl- Child
Sexuality as a Factor influencing the Academic Performance of the Girl- Child
Family Background as a Factor in Academic Performance of the Girl- Child
Conceptual Frame work
Summary of Literature Review

Research Design
Target Population
Sample size and sampling technique
Interview Schedules
Documentary Analysis
Data collection Procedures
Data Analysis
Validity and Reliability
Ethical Consideration
Operationalization of variables

4.1 Introduction
Questionnaire return rate

How culture influences the academic performance of girls
Gender enrolment in schools
Evaluation of performance
Schools traditions and routines
How availability of mentors influences the performance of the girl – child
Number of teachers in schools
Pursuing of further education
Motivation from role models and mentors
How sexuality influences the academic performance of the girl – child
Absentism of girls in schools
Sexual harassment in schools
How family background influences performance of the girl- child
Domestic chores assigned to the girl – child
Lack of fees
Overall analysis of all the variables that affect the performance of the girl-child
Summary of findings
Suggested areas of studies

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