Through its sizeable contribution to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the construction sector is one of the most important contributors to Nigeria’s overall economy (GDP). The construction sector in Nigeria is plagued with a myriad of issues and roadblocks, many of which cause individual projects to become mired in difficulties and adversely influence overall workflow. Lean construction is a technique that has recently been applied in many nations to solve the majority of the challenges that impede the success of the projects by increasing production above its optimal level, making better use of resources, and getting rid of wastes.
The primary goals of this research are to evaluate the level of knowledge regarding lean construction that is present among engineers who are employed in the construction sector in Nigeria and to determine the elements that have an impact on the workflow of construction projects in that country. The primary purpose of this research is to investigate the obstacles that may be encountered throughout the process of implementing lean construction in Nigeria. In order to establish the issue statement, conduct a literature research, collect and analyze data, and explain the results, the methodology of the study utilized both qualitative and quantitative approaches.
Following the interpretation of the results in light of the theoretical component, the research was finished with a number of results, which are as follows: The vast majority of engineers who are employed in the construction industry in Nigeria are unaware of lean construction, despite the fact that they have a high potential to work in a lean construction site. The main factor that is impacting the workflow of construction projects in Nigeria is the delays in financing the project and in delivery of the materials. The main two challenges that will face the implementation of lean construction in Nigeria are the resistance of the top management to adopt the lean construction methodology, as well as the shortage of skilled labor.

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