This study’s objective was to investigate the influence that newspaper advertisements have on admissions decisions made by tertiary institutions. An Investigation Into The Federal Polytechnic Office

. The research provides responses to three questions. The first question that needs to be answered concerns the influence that advertising has on the selection of students for tertiary institutions. The second question concerns the influence that the media has on the admission of students to tertiary institutions, and the third question concerns the impact that direct marketing has on the admission of students to tertiary institutions. The tertiary institutions in Nigeria serve as the primary focus of the investigation, and its participants include both students and faculty from those tertiary institutions. The purpose of the literature review was to provide a more in-depth understanding of this study by analyzing previous research that was relevant to the goals of the study.


The research employed a method known as stratified sampling, and it was expected that the primary population subgroups under consideration would be represented in the sample that was analyzed. Students were organized into three distinct groups or strata. In total, there were 268 people included in the study as participants. The data that was collected through the questionnaire device was then subjected to coding and editing in order to ensure the efficacy of the data that was presented while also taking into consideration the participants’ right to privacy. Tables were utilized for the purpose of data analysis, and charts and graphs were utilized during presentation. Information gathered through the utilization of descriptive statistics. In addition, the data in the quantitative statistics were analyzed in a methodical manner in order to arrive at conclusions and recommendations that were reliable and precise.


According to the findings, it appears that the vast majority of respondents are in agreement that various forms of advertising, including print media, television, radio, and billboards, influenced my decisions regarding the university. Written materials such as brochures, alumni magazines, and employees played a role in my decision to attend a particular university. 0.935, Open house events and career fairs hosted by the university were a factor in my decision. 1.319, School visits by the university led me to decide the university to join 0.842, and Those tertiary institutions with rigorous advertisement activities post higher enrollment numbers 1.151, amongst others, are some of the numbers that are included.


According to the findings of the study, it is extremely important for tertiary institutions to understand the expectations of students and to translate those expectations into activities that would attract and retain students. The level of competition among the available prospective students will continue to rise, making it even more important for educational institutions to guarantee that students will finish the programs in which they enroll. Tertiary institutions in general and marketing units in particular have been required to look beyond marketing paradigms and customer approach in the industry as a result of the requirement to provide students with value for their money and to be responsive to the needs they have expressed.

According to the findings of the study, it is recommended that students be impressed by print media, television, radio, and billboards because these mediums influence student decisions regarding the university. According to the findings of the study, tertiary institutions that engage in rigorous advertising activities have higher student enrollment numbers. According to the findings of the study, one can draw the conclusion that the media, be it print or some other form, has an effect on student enrollment. The more rigorous the marketing, the more convincing the university is in its efforts to convince the student to enroll in their system.

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