Impact of outdoor landscape on students’ social and Environmental behaviour


Students in schools are subjected to a great level of stress due to the schoolwork and the pressure of assignments. The huge stress that students feel leads to decrease in the academic performance and increasing the inappropriate behaviour between students and teachers. Simultaneously, a large number of researches related the stress reduction to the natural views and landscape design. (Nancy M. Wells, 2003). The landscape is the design of outdoor spaces with vegetation, water features or any other landscape elements, as well as landmarks and structures that help achieving better and healthy sustainable environment to surround the human and provide the best quality for life.
The purpose of this study is to ensure that the presence of landscape in schools is important for helping in reduction the stress and tension which affect the students through their day at school and increasing the academic performance moreover students benefit behaviourally and environmental from school grounds. Moreover, the study aims to show the impact of outdoor physical environment in schools on the students.
This research will go through theoretical studies and practical studies; first part is the literature review while the second part is the case studies, as quantitative and qualitative analysis using questionnaire and observations
The results will show the impact of the outdoor physical environment on the students’ academic performance and social behavior as well as the interacting with the nature.

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