Impact of social media on interpersonal communication among secondary school students

Background of the Study

 Background of the Study section compromises the following sub-sections: Communication, Inter-personal Communication, Social Network SiteCommunication, which has an inter-disciplinary importance, is a fundamental concept in peoples’ lives.

Communication is one those human activities that everyone recognizes but few can define satisfactorily. Communication is talking to one another, it is television, it is spreading information, it is our hair style, and it is literary criticism: it is endless (Fiske, 1990, p.1)

Interpersonal communication takes place between two or more people who know each other or are willing to communicate with each other. People, who have benefits from each other, can communicate via telephone, internet, and face to face. In fact, the most important one is interpersonal communication which takes place among people. According to Güngör (2011) for interpersonal communication to take place, a minimum number of two and a maximum number of five people must participate. This is a prerequisite for interpersonal communication

According to Hartley, interpersonal communication is examined under the discipline of communication. Inter-personal communication;

  • “requires a high degree of confidence,
  • prepares each person to discuss openly about their feelings and personal history,
  • creates a genuine and mutual liking and interest between participants.” (Trans.: Sevük. T., Hartley; 2010, 42).
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