Impact of whatsapp messenger on Good interpersonal communication among undergraduate

Impact of Whatsapp messenger on Good interpersonal communication among undergraduate


Today, with the development of communication technologies, social network sites become common and popular. People prefer to communicate with each other via social network sites. In particular, Whatsapp is used by almost everyone and today it has about 2billion  users from all around the world. Therefore, the aim of this study is to explore the  Impact of Whatsapp messenger on Good interpersonal communication among undergraduate among 200 students. For the completion of the present study, data has been collected through a questionnaire which consists of 66 questions. 37 of these questions are demographic and related to user habits. 29 of them are designed according to a 5 point Likert scale and sought to measure the students’ attitudes towards the use of Whatsapp, and the effects of Whatsapp on inter-personal communication. The findings of the study indicate that participants do not feel the need to engage in face to face communication when they use Whatsapp. Although this is the case, the results of the current study also suggest that face to face communication habits are still not vanished.

Organization of the Study

This thesis consists of five different chapters which are namely; the introduction, literature review, methodology, analysis and conclusion.

In the introductory part, firstly, the main title of the study is mentioned briefly. This is followed by the aim and objective of the study, research questions, limitations of the study and the significance of the study.

In the literature review section, firstly communication is defined as a need and a social capital (a person’s friends). Then, interpersonal communication (face-to-face), social media, Whatsapp and the relationship of these three in the discipline of communication is dealt with. In the literature review section of this study, public sphere, identity production, culture and society, roles and performance of new communication technologies and social capital in communication are also discussed.

In the methodology section, research methodology and design, data collection instrument, population and sample of the study, validity and reliability of data collection instrument and data analysis procedures are discussed.

In the analysis section, the primary information obtained with the questionnaire is presented and the findings that are analyzed using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) are explained.

In the conclusion section, the results of the research questions are discussed in line with the literature review. The uses and gratification theory is also discussed in this section.

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