Influence of Parental Background of Secondary School Students on Academic Achievement in Islamic Studies in Nigeria

Influence of Parental Background of Secondary School Students on Academic Achievement  in Islamic Studies in Nigeria


The main thrust of this Islamic studies project topic is to empirically investigate “parental background of secondary school students on their academic performance in Islamic Studies in Nigeria”. The cross-sectional research design was adopted for this study. The population of the study consists of all senior secondary school students in north-central Nigeria. A total of 384 Islamic Studies students from seven states that constitute north-central geo-political zone of Nigeria served as participants in this study. This study was a quantitative research; questionnaire was used as the instrument for data collection which was based on the secondary school students’ parental background such as education, occupation, income and involvement. Validity and reliability of instrument were established by the opinions of experts. In addition, a pilot test was carried out by reporting the Cronbach’s Alpha co-efficient for the internal consistency of the instrument. SPSS was used for data analysis and multiple regressions were also used to answer research hypotheses formulated for this study. This finding indicates that the level of parents’ education, prestigious occupation of parents, income level of parents and involvement of parents in their children’s education are capable of enhancing academic performance of students especially in Islamic Studies. Parents should collaborate with Islamic Studies teachers and school management so as to foster the performance of secondary schools Islamic Studies students in North-Central Nigeria.

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