Information Management is utilized at numerous levels in the aviation industry. One of them is the management of security details. Information Management department is in charge of managing and distributing all data collected during the airport’s different security procedures. This begins at the airport checkpoints, when passengers are subjected to a computerized search for weapons and drugs. Security in the passage loungers is also managed by a system.

A security pass is given to airport employees, allowing them access to restricted areas. All of the passes at the airports are managed by a Information Management. In the case of an emergency, management information systems (INFORMATION MANAGEMENT) are also used. When a plane has navigational problems, the systems are used to help the pilot steer, control, and land the plane safely.

Air traffic controllers and the Information Management are in responsibility of looking for and rescuing individuals in the case of an accident. Other planes are kept out of the path by the information systems so that a ship in distress may land.

Finally, Information Management is employed in the sector to help with employee training. Teachers may utilize guides in information systems to help them throughout training. New personnel must be trained in order to use the systems. Pilots are taught in part in a simulator that simulates real-world scenarios using information technology.

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