Isolation and sensitivity of bacteria from Virginia discharge to antibiotics


Isolation and sensitivity of bacteria from Virginia discharge to antibiotics


Vaginal discharge in women is sometimes caused by candida or aerobic bacteria organisms like E. coli, staphylococcus aureus, and β- haemolytic streptococcus. Culture and sensitivity testing are done from high vaginal swab (HVS) specimen collected from women who come to the clinic complaining of vaginal discharge. Isolation and antibiotic sensitivity of these organisms are key to the successful treatment of the cause of vaginal discharge. This study tends to evaluate ISOLATION AND SENSITIVITY OF BACTERIA ISOLATE FROM VAGINAL DISCHARGE TO ANTIBIOTICS. This is a 3-year retrospective study conducted in the Public Health laboratory of government Hospital. Records of HVS culture and sensitivity results for 2010-2020 were retrieved and reviewed. A total of 3783 culture and sensitivity results were reviewed. 1483 yielded no growth of pathogenic organisms. Candida species were the predominant microbial organism, 63.2% (1455/2300). Bacteria identified were mostly the aerobic types (845); with Escherichia coli being predominant, 29.9% (235/845), while Morganella morgani was the least bacteria, 0.2% (2/845). Adult women (20-50) had the most pathogens isolated from them, with 79.9% of candida (1047/1455) and 71.2% of the aerobic bacteria (602/845). The least organism isolated was seen in the elderly and children, with 6.3% (92/1455) of candida, 9.7% (82/845) of aerobic bacteria and 6.9% (101/1455) of candida and 8.04% (68/845) of aerobic bacteria respectively. The cephalosporins showed the best antibiotic sensitivity. Candida spp. and aerobic bacteria were the predominant microbial organisms identified from HVS results in the Nigeria rural Metropolis. Proper laboratory diagnosis to identify causative organisms is vital for optimal therapeutic outcome.


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