local government system and political mobilization in Nigeria

Local government system and political mobilization in Nigeria


In Nigeria, local government became recognized as distinct tier of the federal structure in 1976 through the 1976 Guidelines for Local Government Reforms. Presently, Nigeria is made up of 774 local governments with constitutionally assigned functions and responsibilities. Reflecting the earlier discussed imperatives for the establishment of local government in a governmental system, the 1976 Reform (1976:1) points out the following as the primary aims of local government in Nigeria:


To make appropriate services and development activities responsive to local wishes and initiative by developing or delegating such services to local representative bodies.

  •  To facilitate and bring the exercise of democratic self governance close to the local levels of our society and to encourage initiative and leadership potentials.
  •  To mobilize human and material resources through the involvement of members of the public in their local development and;
  •  To provide a two way channel of communication between local government, state and Federal or national government.
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